The Book As Object

“The book is dead” is a proclamation frequently heard today, almost to the point of banality. Since the conceptualisation of a hypothetical proto-hypertext device called Memex in 1945, there have countless commentaries on both sides of the bookish aisle defending the survival or predicting the inevitable demise of the physical book. On one hand, the…

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A Marriage of History and Modernity Through Four Cities. It was our first trip to Myanmar and we didn’t quite know what to expect. Much had been covered in the news about Myanmar’s recent liberalisation, Aung San Suu Kyi’s electoral victories and the Rohingya crisis, but beyond the media coverage, what is Myanmar really like?…

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The Korean pop culture is taking over the world. Hallyu, or the Korean wave, has swept over the world from China to Paris to Argentina. Hallyu started in mid-1990s with the rising popularity of Korean cinema. Before this, Korean movies were hardly heard of beyond Korea. With media liberalisation and exposure to the Western entertainment…

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